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Intellectual Property Exchange

Mavo is an online marketplace paving the new way for everyone to access and trade Lots of Entertainment Intellectual Property base on blockchain technology.

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MAVO IP Exchange

Entertainment Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are growingly traded in markets but high transaction costs often hinder the successful negotiation of licenses and agreements. It will not be that way anymore. We are introducing a democratic system where anyone can own a Lot of the IPRs. We are building a global IPRs blockchain where IPRs are traded efficiently, transparently on the MAVO exchange. Creativity, innovation, trust and fair value will progress as a right balance is established between the interests of the IP owners and the wider public.

The Marketplace for IP Owners to register, evaluate, list and monetise their IP.

Blockchain powered Exchange with Smart Contract to keep track of IP Ownership and detail information.

IP Ownership partially owned by the IP Owner and MVT Holders can reap the benefits by investing in the IP Lots

MAVO will manage and nurture the IP creating value and strategy to monetise the IP.

A portion of net revenue generated from successful IP monetisation will distribute to the IP Lots holders as MVT rewards.

MAVO will buy back MVTs from MVT Holders periodically.

USER Cases:

Inventor seeks to register their work.

User no longer require the traditional middleman such as banks, notaries, copyright registries, or patent offices that centrally control assets, transactions, or record keeping.

MAVO offer new means for registering works base on smart contract to prove that the creator was the first who came up with this idea at a low fee.

The creator can now prove they had an idea at a certain time and authors can protect their works. This can be verified via smart contract.

Inventor seeks to raise capital for their work.

Instead of getting an expensive loan, Inventor can now get the required funding by listing it's IP on the MAVO exchange.

Inventor gets to keep his works and can also raise capital at a lower rate.

MAVO would assist inventor throughout the process to have his IP Lots listed.

Investor takes a long position in IP Lots.

Investor decides to diversify their portfolio is bullish and anticipates potential growth in a particular IP. Investor buys into at IP's Initial Lot Offering.

Overtime, MAVO IP experts develops and nurture the IP and it became highly sought-after. Investor receives higher returns.

Investor takes a diversified position in IP Lots.

Investor buys into a number of different IP Lots at a low fee and low price then sells at a higher price on the MAVO exchange.

By holding on the IP Lots would also entited invetors with loyalty rewards.

How it works?

Our Mission

MAVO with the use of blockchain aims to streamlines and simplify the management of intellectual property by way of recording original artistic and literary works. As copyright protection is automatic, there is, however, no adequate means for authors to record their works. MAVO addresses this issue that changes the traditional outdated and inefficient IP system. By registering their works on the blockchain, the facts of their copyright will be on the public record. This resolves the issue of infringements. The information on the blockchain cannot be lost or changed. Authors will have protected prove of ownership. Third parties can identify whom to seek a licence from.

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Price Discovery

Mike Johnson


Mike Johnson

Replacing Traditional Intermidiaries

Mike Johnson

Redefining Trust



Experts from the industry making the public trading of entertainment intellectual property the impossible possible.

Jack Lee

Film producer, former Vice President of Sparky Animation Singapore and Digibook SNDA Shanghai.

Jack Lee
CEO & Founder

Mario Kassar

Academy Award Nominated Producer for 'Rambo' and 'Terminator'

Mario Kassar
Hollywood Producer

James Koh

Former Wall Street Financial Specialist. Former owner of local service provider for major telco companies in Southeast Asia.

James Koh
Fintech Advisor

Eric Yap

Former Security & Infrastructure Architect at bitFlyer. Currently works for Amazon Japan in Web Services Data Center Operations.

Eric Yap
Security Advisor

Sandra Yap

Fintech Entrepreneur and Hollywood Actress. Featured in Steven Seagal's action-packed film "The Perfect Weapon".

Sandra Yap
Executive Director

Alvin Foo

Former Head of Mobile at Google China. Former Head of Mobile Interactive at Nokia China.

Alvin Foo
Digital Marketer

Jonathan Case

Founder of Case Creativity, a copywriting branding agency. Client portfolios includes Prudential and Farm Fresh.

Jonathan Case
Communication Director

Yuri Nishimoto

Formerly worked for Toho Co. Ltd (one of Japan's Big Four film studios), Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan and Sanrio Co., Ltd. Taiwan.

Yuri Nishimoto
IP Advisor

Ryan Fennelly

Knowledge and Experience in Derivative Trading and Quantitative Trading.

Ryan Fennelly
Financial Market Specialist

Calvin Su

Former Software Engineer for Microsoft. A Sci-Fi Novelist and the successor to Ni Kuang or Ngai Hong. (Hong Kong-American Novelist and Screenwrtier)

Calvin Su
Blockchain Counselor


A digital advertising professional who currently works for tech giant Google.

Digital Advertising

MAVO Meets Mario

Mario Kassar

Hollywood blockbuster producer of Terminator & Rambo

"I think that is the way (MAVO platform) the future is going "



more detailed roadmap will roll out soon

First we start with the basis at Earth phase where we will do a massive ground work and plant the seed to form a bigger team. Then as we move into the Wind phase, we will require the power of MVT committee to push and participate in the work together to form a storm to create impact. After the Wind, we enter into the Fire, where with the right seeds and strong team and some fine tuning, thus creating a very hot platform. Once the platform has reach the Water Phase it will be a very fine product and just like water, the water will flow from the river to the ocean through different channels and become mainstream and reach the masses.

earth phase


Q1 2018

wind phase


Q2 2018

fire phase


Q3 2018

water phase


Q4 2018

Roadmap is subject to changes.



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Token Allocation

MAVO Tokens (MVT) are required throughout the project to support continual development and operational needs. All employees receive remuneration (other than that of social welfare, insurance and other expenses paid by the government of the workplace) in MAVO Tokens. MAVO tokens are generated by the system and are arranged as follows:

ICO Crowdsale
Team and Advisors
Incentives Participants
Token, Legal & Admin Fees
Liquidity & IP Aquisition Fund (locked)
Reserve for Future Use (locked)


Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

We created MAVO with the intention and inspiration of having a Marvelous Entertainment IP Exchange Platform, hence the word MAVO was born and we want to ensure it was a acronym that was easily remembered and pronounced.
MAVO Token (MVT) will be use to initiate smart contract submission which will distribute to legal, audit team and MVT Holders committee. IP owner can exchange their portion of IP for MVT. MVT holders can use MVT to exchange their favorite Entertainment IP lot during the initial lot offering and when it is traded on the platform.
No. Only MVT will be circulated around the platform. However the platform will accept other cryptocurrencies to exchange to MVT before using on the platform.
The team has over 10 years of experience in the entertainment and film industry, with extensive connection and good relationship with many filmmakers, artists, studios and industry professionals. The team has produced and released several films for the Chinese market, and have a number of actors and actresses actively acting in China's regional television drama productions.
Should you need to chat with us or get a quick reply please do not hesistate to join us on Telegram or you can choose to email your queries to us at info@mavotoken.com.


Presale will begin soon with whitelist pass. To be part of the presale please click here to join our newsletter
Public sale begins on February 28, 2017 23:30 (GMT)
On the day of the sale, visit www.mavotoken.com and click the "Contribute" button. Upon clicking the button, you will get the ethereum contract address where you can contribute your ether in exchange for MVT.
Ether (“ETH”) will be the only cryptocurrency accepted in the token sale.
You will need an ERC20 compatible wallet where you can send your ETH to MVT contract and receive the MVT back (Note: It will NOT be possible to send ETH from an exchange)
35% (350 million) of MAVO tokens will be available for sale.
There will be no limit. First come first serve basis.
Everyone except U.S. or China citizens. Unfortunately U.S. or China citizens are not allowed to participate due to the country restrictions on ICO. Interested U.S. or China participants could still get MVT once it is listed on the cryptocurrency exchange that has no restriction. Do make sure to read the exchange terms and conditions.
You will get your MVT immediately in your wallet after you have contributed.
The final list of exchanges, will be published closer to the end of the sale. The token will be launched on exchanges within 2 weeks after the end of the crowdsale.


Keep In Touch

MAVO Studio is fully owned by Magic Mavo Studio Limited from Hong Kong. It is a vertically extended entertainment company that specializes in exploring new entertainment concepts involving fundraising, production, sales of completed projects, marketing and promotional ideas, distribution and much more. Magic Mavo Studio Limited has affiliate offices in Shanghai, Taiwan and Malaysia. Our nature of business are:

  • IP development and operation
  • Investments in film production
  • Film production, sales and distribution ( Theatrical / TV programmes)
  • Music and recording production
  • Artist management